TE 13: Limitless Thinking with Jeet Banerjee

Meet Jeet Banerjee, a serial entrepreneur. The first website he built had exactly 3 visitors…his mother, his father and himself! HOWEVER, this venture sparked his entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout the following years this guy has accomplished so many incredible things.

He built up a media company to 15 employees, then sold it. Started Statfuse that now has over 50,000 users. Wrote a book, Limitless Thinking, that hit the best sellers list on amazon. Started another media company that has over 150 products, many of which are featured on the iTunes app store! Finally, he had a killer presentation at TEDx…oh and did I mention..he’s only 21 years old!

In this episode we really dive deep into his journey and he shares the mistakes he made, his failures/successes and how the power of your mind is quintessential to your success in business! 

Check out his TEDx talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exjPFmX00lQ