TE 2.12: Ryan Magdziarz Founder of Winning International

Ryan Magdziarz is a master of marketing, sales and business growth.

Before the age of 21 Ryan had started and run multiple successful ventures, including a marketing agency that he grew to a team of 8 people, an app that gathered over 100,000 downloads in the first 4 weeks and many more.

After a painstaking life breakthrough, Ryan realized his birth purpose and Winning International was born with the mission of raising a billion dollars for charity.
Before age 22 Ryan had grown Winning to 7-Figures and changed 100’s of coaches’ lives.

In this episode we discuss:

1. Why Ryan and his team gave away free $100 gift cards.
2. The concept of “Giving instead of getting” in marketing.
3. How Ryan’s confidence was broken when his mother left him and his father when he was 13.
4. How getting into golf and finding a mentor gave Ryan confidence again.
5. How talking to girls and joining a sales team helped Ryan face his fears.
6. How Ryan learned how to sell by cold calling for 3 months straight, 8 hours a day.
7. The side hustles and businesses Ryan built before he started Winning International.
8. The behind the scenes of what Winning International provides for their clients.
9. Ryan’s advice on how you can land your first client.
10. The 2 different types of failure.