TE 2.9: Partha Unnava- Founder of Better Walk Crutches

While attending GA Tech, Partha broke his ankle and spent six weeks on crutches, leading him to found Better Walk to create a crutch that didn’t hurt a user’s armpits and other revolutionary medical devices. Since founding the company in May 2013, Partha has been invited to the White House to present to President Obama, been named on the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30, been featured on CNN, and received numerous entrepreneurship awards.

On this episode we learn:

– What music Partha listens to while he works.
– How Partha went from being shy and quiet to outgoing in high school and college.
– What inspired Partha to start Better Walk.
– How Partha used his background in physics to create the prototype of the crutch.
– How Partha applied to accelerator programs and how it helped build their company.
– The challenges faced in bringing a physical product to market.
– How many revisions of the prototype they had to make (over 10!)
– How they raised $600,000 to bring the product to market.
– The advice he would give to other entrepreneurs that are in college.
– How Partha is scaling Better Walk.
– How Partha got to meet and present the crutches to President Obama.
– How Partha handles stress or negativity in business.