TE 2.18: Michael Gargiulo- Founder of ProxyServer

Michael Gargiulo is currently the founder and CEO at VPN.com (previously ProxyServer.com) a company who’s mission is to protect your data and identity by giving you a safer way to connect to the internet. Previously, Michael sold over $2,000,000 worth of gift cards and built multiple gaming websites that reached over 100,000 daily visitors.

On this episode we discuss:

1. How Michael taught himself how to build websites and SEO.
2. How he grew 3 websites to 100,000 daily visitors.
3. How Michael sold $2,000,000 worth of gift cards.
4. Why Michael was sued at 20 years old and how he overcame the obstacle.
5. Where the idea for Proxy Server came from and how Michael built it.
6. How Michael secured $600,000 in funding for Proxy Server.
7. How Michael handles stress as a business owner.
8. The advice Michael would give to his 18-year-old self.

Michael’s LinkedIn

Listen and download the episode below!