Meet Jordan

jordan-square Jordan Agolli is an international speaker, emcee and show host. Jordan is also the founder of Force Media; a media production company that specializes in creating engaging online videos and podcasts.

Jordan co-founded his first business, JD Pressure Washing, at 14 years old. By age 17, he and his partner would transition into landscaping, building a remarkably successful operation of 120 weekly clients and 20 employees. In August of 2013, he sold his quarter of the company in order to pursue new ventures.

In February of 2014, Jordan founded Teenage Entrepreneur, a podcast and community focused on educating and inspiring teens to pursue entrepreneurship. His motivation sparked from the struggles he faced starting out in business. The Teenage Entrepreneur podcast features successful entrepreneurs from all over the world to share their stories, struggles and pass on the advice they wish had been given to them. The show has listeners in 79 countries and opened the door for Jordan to teach entrepreneurship to over 150 students in Albania, via a partnership with the US government & an Albanian NGO.

Through podcasting, Jordan fell in love with storytelling which led him to start Force Media. Force focuses on story telling through video & podcast production.

Aside from entrepreneurship and show hosting, Jordan is the president of his bowling league (where he’s bowled a perfect game of 300) and a first-degree black belt in the Japanese martial art of Taido. Jordan is also a volunteer for two amazing non-profits: Kate’s Club and Childspring International.