TE 2.21: Kate Atwood: Founder of Kate’s Club

Kate Atwood is the founder of Kate’s Club: a not-for-profit that empowers children and teens facing life after the death of a parent or sibling. At the age of 12, Kate Atwood lost her mother. For 7 years she did not talk about her loss, until she told her story at a camp at 19. It was at this camp that the idea for Kate’s club was born.

On this episode we discuss:

1. How Kate had the idea for Kate’s Club.
2. How she took the idea and built it into a non-profit.
3. How Kate supported herself while starting Kate’s Club.
4. How Kate raised money for Kate’s Club when they were just getting started.
5. The story behind the name of Kate’s Club.
6. Advice she would give to young entrepreneur’s who want to start a non-profit.

Listen and download the episode below!