TE 2.8: Jacob Goodman- Founder of Fresh Prints

Jacob Goodman is the founder of Fresh Prints. They set out to do one thing: help make it insanely fun for people to order custom apparel. Fresh Prints is known for their honest and fun approach to business. They have 80+ campus ambassadors that earn an average of $8,000/YR. I highly recommend you check out their unique designs because they’re incredibly creative: click here for their designs.

On this episode we learn:

1. How Jacob did not fit inside the box at school and what he did to overcome that obstacle.
2. How Jacob convinced his father to loan him $50,000 to invest in his first business.
3. How Jacob ran two business at the same time.
4. We dive deep into the hiring process for campus ambassadors. Jacob calls the hiring process the “secret sauce” to Fresh Prints. (During the interview process he tries to get them to quit and over 80% of applicants drop out in the first round.)
5. How Fresh Prints separates themselves from their competition.
6. Why/how they strategically place their printers across the country.
7. How they handle a print order that goes wrong.
8. The unique refund policy Fresh Prints has.
9. The lessons learned from building their own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.
10. Why Jacob doesn’t think you should follow advice from other’s.
11. Why Jacob is like Richard Branson!