You Never Know Who You Will Impact

Every so often, we encounter those unique individuals with the rare ability to inspire the best in us through their passionate personality and reassuring optimism. Jordan Agolli is unquestionably one of those people. After years of struggling to find a career that aligns with my passions, Jordan’s podcast, Teenager Entrepreneur, gave me the constant encouragement I needed to leap into a world of innovation and possibility through starting my own company, even after six years of completing a triple major and a masters as a premed student at UGA. No one can tell you which path to take, but Jordan and the incredible people he interviews play and invaluable role towards steering you in the right direction.
– Marshall Mosher Co-Founder & CEO of

Hooray for the millennials! Jordan Agolli is rocking the podcast world with his show Teenage Entrepreneur that interviews inspiring leaders in the trials and tribulations of starting one’s own business and what their life was like when they were teens. He asks engaging questions that bring out the best stories his guests have to share and will help you on your journey. Not just for teens. His interview with Jordan Romero really rocks if you haven’t heard of this other millennial superstar give it a listen and feel good that positive change is headed our way and why this is such a great time to be alive! When i listen to Jordan’s podcast i feel uplifted and ready to take on new challenges. I learn from his guests ideas and action steps i can take to move forward on my own personal journey. 2 years later and i can still remember lessons i took away from his show and the inspiration i got from people who i normally wouldn’t connect with. The opportunity to hear stories from entrepreneurs and others who have followed very different paths then i have has given me insights i never would have got on my own and Jordan does a fantastic job of not just selecting interesting guest but bringing out their personalities with his enthusiasm. Ive listened to many many podcasts as i do a lot of driving and Teenage Entrepreneur gives me that pick me up every time i listen or want a show to be inspired by.
-Jackie Beyer Founder of

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