TE 34: Patrick Brown: Self-Published Author of Varied Traits

Ever wondered what goes into writing a book? You’ll find out in this episode! An avid crime fiction reader, Patrick was inspired by writers such as Agatha Christie & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Current authors such as Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Jonathan Kellerman, Robert Crais and Stephen King have been equally inspirational. A gentle prod from friends and family convinced him to pursue writing his first novel, Varied Traits.

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In this episode you will learn:

  • Patrick’s back story and what life was like for him growing up.
  • Why Patrick started writing his first novel.
  • How he creates & outlines his story.
  • How Patrick was able to let go of what other’s think.
  • The lessons he learned about himself while writing the book. 
  • What advice he would give to aspiring writers.
  • The lessons he learned about a book writing process. 
  • Patricks advice on the difference between failing & being a failure. 


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