TE 18: John Lee Dumas-Army Captain to Top Ranked Show on iTunes

Meet John Lee Dumas.

A former Army Captain, John transitioned from the corporate world and jumped into the podcasting world in 2012 with his show, Entrepreneur On Fire. John took the world by storm and his daily (yes you read that correctly…DAILY!) podcast skyrocketed to the top of iTunes and hasn’t left the top of the charts since! John’s podcasts brings in SIX FIGURES a month and he brings inspiration, incredible guests and actionable advice to every episode.

John is actually the inspiration behind Teenage Entrepreneur. I emailed him a few months ago with the idea and he responded within a few hours saying he believed in me and knew I would succeed. With the motivation from John, I dove head first into TE and here we are today! It was an honor having John on the show. He told me that after being interviewed over 300 times, he shared some facts in our interview that he has never shared before. When you’re done with this episode, I promise you will be prepared to ignite!