TE 16: From Death’s Doorstep to #14 on the INC 500 list with Jordan Rubin

Meet Jordan Rubin.

At the age of 19, Jordan was on death’s doorstep. He had liver, heart, kidney problems, he had symptoms of diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, he was diagnosed with crohns/colitis, he had lost over 80 which took him from 185 pounds at 6 feet tall to only 104 pounds. He was wheel chair bound and had to medically withdrawal from college. He visited 69 medical experts…all to no avail. 

Even though Jordan so was close to dying, he never gave up on the will to live. Jordan was introduced to a diet based on the bible and through hard work, faith in God and determination, he underwent a miraculous transformation. You can see Jordan’s before/after photos here: http://goo.gl/IvGs4d

Through Jordan’s near death experience, he developed a passion to share his story. Even though he had little business experience, Jordan took his passion and a problem he saw in the world, and used that to start his first company Garden of Life at the young age of 21 (he started it in his parents friends garage with his father’s credit card). No matter what obstacle Jordan faced, he refused to give up and that is why he succeeds today.