TE 11: Taking Action with Chris Cerrone

Stop flattering yourself. Get off your damn butt. Go out and make it happen.

Chris Cerrone is the MAN. Even though Chris was a poor student in school, he still sold swatches and ran a lottery over the school announcements. Instead of going off to college, he carved his own path. At one point he was homeless but the next year he owned his own cafe. Later, he worked corporate for 5 years but the entrepreneurial bug never left him.
Today, Chris runs a TOP ranked business podcast on iTunes that averages over 100,000 downloads a month! To sum up Chris Cerrone, he is a man who loves to help people and he takes action. If listening to Chris doesn’t inspire you to get off your butt and take action, I don’t think anything will!
PS. We talk about Wu Tang, Drake and Dr. Dre in this episode. It was epic


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