TE 10: Riding the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster with Nicola Cairncross


“No one is going to rescue you. Get on that horse and head off into battle!”

Nicola brings an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm to this 10th episode. When she was 16, Nicola’s teacher told her she was never going to pass English class. Today, she is a best selling author with a #1 ranked booked on Amazon. Her entrepreneurial journey has been a roller coaster but she refuses to give up.

Why? Because her desire to succeed courses through her veins. Nicola takes us through her entrepreneurial journey from selling waist coats, to starting a record label and then buying and running a hotel…she’s done it all! Nicola shares with us the lessons she wish she knew when she first started out as an entrepreneur.


Nicola’s Website: http://nicolacairncross.com

Nicola’s BEST SELLING BOOK on Amazon! 


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